The Lords Universal College of Education Alumni Association (LUCEAA) started in 2010. It is started with the following objectives.

Objectives of LUCEAA:

  • To provide a forum for members of the LUCE Alumni Association to
    interact and sustain a sense of belonging through mutually beneficial
    relationship between the college and the global alumni.
  • To act as a bridge between college and the industries for interaction on new developments in different disciplines of education.

To create and maintain a pool of alumni who can function as mentors/role models to encourage the current student teachers of LUCE and help in their learning by sharing their knowledge and expertise towards improvement for their all-round development.


At the end of the academic year all the student teachers of current batch voluntarily register themselves as members of the alumni association with minimum registration fees.

The Alumni committee is formed consisting of Principal, two faculty members and Past students who elect two members for the post of President and secretary. The student members are added after every academic year.

Two meetings per year are held at regular interval. In the beginning of the term, the meeting is focused on the year planning for various activities throughout the year and second meeting at the end to take the stock of the foregoing activities under Alumni Association. If necessary, more meetings can be held anytime during the term.

The activities conducted under Alumni Association:

  • Inviting past students for demonstration lessons, content enrichment programme and other academic activities.
  • Guest lectures by and also for past students who hold respectable posts in the society.
  • Organization of competitions for school teachers or other outside stakeholders.
  • Celebration of National and International days.
  • Social networking between past students spread all over the world on Facebook.
  • Activities conducted for Past students: Talk by experts:
  • Dr. Arun G. Jogdeo on “A non-medical approach to a healthy life”
  • Dr. Meenakshi R. Ingole on “Thinking about Thinking”
  • Discussions on topics like Right to Education, Human Rights, Non-violence, etc
  • Current trends in Teaching Learning (Models of Teaching)
  • Highlight the important days of the year like 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekenanda, 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, India’s Success of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).
  • Brainstorming as a technique to solve the challenges faced by in-service teachers.
  • Activities conducted by Past Students:
  • Demonstrations of lessons in different methods and strategies.

Content enrichment for students of current batches by past students who are working as teachers in schools.

Professional career of the past students:

  • Many past students are placed in good positions in schools and colleges from Mumbai and other cities.
  • The Institution has started a Facebook page dedicated to Alumni for social networking in order to build up the past students community. This would also help in getting information about their professional growth at different levels and in different career paths.