To discover and develop the inborn talents of our teacher trainees as well as to train them for future profession the college organizes various co-curricular activities. They include Talent day, Quiz contest, Extempore speech, Debates, Dramatics, Presentations, Miss Education Contest, celebrations of National festivals etc.


Workshop of Dr. Rajesh Arora 02

The college organizes innovative workshops on various topics throughout the year.

Sports Day: Sports Day 05

The college conduct sports day in full sports spirit. Medals and certificates are awarded to the winners on sports day.

Field Trips and Excursions:


Field trips and excursions are organized to places of interest focusing aims and objectives of education.

Annual day cum prize distribution:


Annual day is celebrated every year. Prizes are awarded on this day.

Special Days:

Special days are organized from time to time culminating with the Farewell Day at the end of the academic year.

Student Council:


The student council under the guidance of the principal and faculty members organizes functions, curricular and co-curricular group activities.