Every Institution sets its vision in order to take its glory to great heights. Lords Universal College of Education too strives to create the culture of excellence for the pre-service teachers to set their mark wherever they go as professionals. This requires them to be always motivated to learn throughout their professional and personal journey.

In order to provide them the platform where they can explore other avenues while studying for the B.Ed. programme, the Institution has established an association with the department of Lifelong Learning & Extension (DLLE) run by University of Mumbai soon after its inception. Through this connection the Institution promotes a meaningful & sustained rapport between the Institution & the community.

Extension work provides scope for students to communicate with other college students and teachers. It provides varies experiences while conducting activities at college and community levels. They are sensitized towards their role and duties as part of the society and community. They develop skills like leadership, communication, decision making and other life skills through extension work. Apart from these benefits, the students can score 10 additional marks which are added to their final university examination scores.

There are varied extension projects offered by the department. The Institution has selected following programs for the students with the objectives in line with its philosophy.

Projects and Activities to be conducted:

Status of Women in Society (SWS)

  • Attend the training programme at the college.
  • Determining the AREA, which is covered by the survey.
  • Building rapport with the community where the survey is to be carried out.
  • Giving information regarding WOMEN POLICY.
  • Survey 40-50 women.
  • Tabulation of data collected with the help of a computer.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the tables.
  • Writing the project report.

Anna Poorna Yojana (APY)

  • Attend the training programme at the college.
  • Identify the items that are liked by students to sale.
  • Select an item that can be prepared by the student or had prepared from others or that can be purchased on a large scale.
  • Fix the sale price for the item.
  • Arrange for its sale in the college and campus.
  • Organize twenty-five (25) Sales (either weekly or on alternate days)
  • Keep an account of the cost incurred, sale proceeds, etc.
  • Calculate the profit made.
  • Write the project report.

Population Education Club (PEC)

  • Attend the training programme at the college.
  • Participation in three college level activities.
  • Seven lessons to deliver at school/college during internship on the topics given by Department.
  • Write the project report.

Objectives of these projects:

  • To make students aware of the reality of the society.
  • To develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills among students.
  • To sensitize students towards role of women in the society
  • To extend their role and services towards society and community.
  • To develop public relations.
  • To relate with common man and study their problems.

Students voluntarily opt to take charge of the students for each project. They are called as Student Managers. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Under one SM – 24 students are allotted.
  • Each SM keeps the record of 24 Students.
  • Maintain a dairy (keeping a records of 24 students)
  • Attend the First & Second term training programme and meeting with Extension work teachers at Department.
  • Attend the festival at the Department.
  • Report the Extension work teachers.
  • Assisting the organization of the training programs at the college.
  • Carrying out field visits.
  • Guiding the students about maintenance of work records.
  • Collecting the completed project reports.
  • Helping Extension teacher for evaluation process organized by DLLE.

The activities to be conducted under the Extension Department are as follows:

  • Training of the students in each semester for different activities under each project.
  • College level activities like Debate, Poster making and exhibition, song composition, sales of food and nonfood items during break.
  • Community level activities like street play, survey of women, spreading awareness through pamphlets and rally, delivering lessons in schools bring awareness in school/college students.

Festival Participation

  • Students’ Participation in Udaan Festival (Competitions: Anchor’s Selection for Festival, Street play and Poster Competition) proves motivational as these competitions are inter-collegiate in nature.

Evaluation Process:

Students work is evaluated in the following ways:

  • Submissions of Annexures signed by Field coordinator, Principal of the college and Extension work teachers.
  • Project Evaluation by Extension work Teachers
  • Project Evaluation by Field Coordinator
  • Project Evaluation by Department of Life Long Learning Extension